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Name Neymar Jr
Position: Winger/Attacker
Age 28 years old
Club: Paris Saint Germain
Nationality: Brazil
Number: 10

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Por Dioua Jr

29 comentarios en «Neymar Jr Brutal Tackles & Fouls 2021»
  1. He does play it up and it does get ridiculous but at the same time some of these guys aren’t even going for the ball because they know they do t have a chance so they try to hurt him. So I kind of understand why he does it

  2. He is a incredibly skilled footballer who is deservedly tainted by his pathetic play acting. I can absolutely understand why other players would want to give him something to actually cry about.

    Lots of the tackles here are rough but there are a few included where he is acting like someone shot him in the balls or something.

    IMHO I think that diving and faking extreme pain should be instant red cards. Stamp that shit out of football because its just stupid and detracts from when people actually need medical attention.

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